Next Steps

The primary questions you should consider ahead of our first meeting are these:

  1. What is important to you? Who is important to you?
  2. What are your core values? Core values drive goals. If goals aren't grounded by core values, you'll wake up someday, after achieving those goals, and ask "So what?" We don't want that to happen.
  3. If you were to look back over your life today, what have you been most proud of or grateful for accomplishing?
  4. In the next three years, where do you want to be and what has to happen during that period for you to feel good about your progress? Financial planning is an evolutionary process. Life happens and things change. We have to be prepared for change.

Effective communication is critical and the strong desire to reach your objectives is a prerequisite for success. We are investing in a relationship that will require shared effort and energy, but will also celebrate long-term financial peace of mind. Our success together will be measured by the integrity of our relationship and the attainment of your goals.

As I mentioned earlier, I welcome you to learn more about our services through this website or by contacting me direct at 608-827-6755.


Michael A. Dubis, President

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