Clients who hire us are interested in long-term, authentic relationships. They seek someone that offers top-of-the-mind awareness and a pathway to peace of mind. Clients are not simply looking for answers; that they can often do on their own. Clients are looking for a thought-process and solutions that match their unique values and objectives.

The thought-process to get to the answer is often more important than the answer itself. Clients are the decision makers, as it should be.

We help clients think through critical financial planning issues; offering insight, direction, discipline, and stability.

We coordinate and collaborate with clients' other advisors; providing leadership and frank discussion so their agenda is the client's agenda.

Building our relationship over time allows us to grow together as a team, while our services continue to be even more valuable.

In sum, we deliver value through:

  • Principled Advice.
  • Structured Process.
  • Disciplined Implementation.
  • Coordinated Agendas.
  • Coaching and Support.

Clients must be involved in the process. The process is more important than the answer. The more educated clients are, the better the relationship will be. We want client-advisor independence, as opposed to many firms whose goal is to create dependence on them.

We are true fiduciaries; we always have been. We are fee-only; we always have been.

The only income we receive is paid directly by you. We fully disclose all compensation. Our fees are competitive with the open market. We charge roughly the same as others, but we specialize in what you need, while you have a future that we are passionate about helping.

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