Thank you for your interest in my firm. We offer fee-only financial planning and investment management.

The majority of financial advisory businesses give lip service to "offering quality", "providing customized solutions", and "being your trusted advisor." The reality is most firms simply want to gather as much assets as possible that they can bill you on or sell you something you probably don't need. They then put you into a service and investment model for their benefit, not yours. They then move on to the next person.

Those firms have portfolios as clients; we have people as clients. 

I am most proud of this differential.  We base our entire business around the simple concept that we want to serve and help real people, who have real goals and real values, not just their portfolios.  My entire company is center around a service oriented approach.

We are on the same side of the table as you and work for you and only you. We serve you as a family CFO, the financial advocate: whatever financial information crosses your desk, should cross our desk.

Together, we create an environment unencumbered with conflict and you receive objective, unbiased, specific advice, focused on goal attainment and risk management, while keeping decisions and costs in your control at all times.

Trust is nurtured and grows. It is earned over positive, accumulated experiences together over time.  We are trust-worthy; we hope to earn your trust over time. 

We are willing to invest time, money, and energy to provide you real value.

I welcome you to learn more about my services through this website or better yet, pick up the phone and call me directly at 608-827-6755.


Michael A. Dubis, President

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